Daniel Delfosse

Director Regulatory Affairs, Swiss Medtech


Session Title

Regulatory uncertainties and their effect on the Swiss medtech industry

  • The MDR is now officially in force. Have all regulatory uncertainties finally been solved?
  • The MDR between Switzerland and the EU needs to be updated. Where do we stand today?
  • How is the Swiss medtech industry dealing with all the uncertainties regarding export and import of medical devices?


Daniel Delfosse is Director of Regulatory Affairs and Executive Board Member of Swiss Medtech. His mantra is “Innovation despite Regulation” and he tries to create a regulatory framework in Switzerland that will allow innovations to be developed without unnecessary hurdles but still respecting the product safety aspects.

He spent the last 20 years in the orthopaedic industry as head of development and head of innovation at Mathys Ltd Bettlach. As Product Safety Officer, he was also responsible for the controlled introduction of innovative medical devices.

He comes with a Diploma in Materials Engineering from ETH Zurich and the Ph.D. from EPF Lausanne followed by a research fellowship at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.