Standalone Modules

All our modules from our courses can also be studied individually, giving you the flexibility to progress your knowledge and skills in a way that suits your future plans. Maybe you are looking to deepen your knowledge in a specific field or need to develop techniques to further your career - our credit-bearing modules bring you ahead on your professional path.

A place of expertise

Our modules are accredited by the University of Bern and embedded at sitem-insel School. This partnership, in collaboration with other experts in the field of entrepreneurship, translational medicine and life science, provides you with access to an excellent network of researchers and supervisors in the industry, scientists from universities and collaborators from regulatory agencies, financial experts and clinicians.

Flexibility in your learning

All our modules can be successfully completed online with exclusive access to specialist materials and are complemented with face-to-face lectures, peer learning sessions and interactive discussions with specialists. The concept of blended learning creates a balance that allows you to organize your study time and workload to your specific background while profiting from personal contact with specialists and fellow students.

From module to a CAS, DAS or MAS

If you decide that you want to proceed with a Certificate, Diploma or Master of Advanced Studies, we invite you to apply anytime. Your completed modules will be credited to the course and deducted from the course fee accordingly. A change is possible throughout the year, so that you get the best possible outcome of your investment.

We offer a range of modules covering different aspects of translational medicine, in-depth knowledge in artificial intelligence in medical imaging and insight in the regulation and quality assurance of medical devices.

Please find an overview of our modules, including their information:

Annual Start

Please visit the standalone modules for the starting date of 2020/2021.


On-site classes are held at sitem-insel, the Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine in Bern, Switzerland. E-learning courses may be performed at home. In case of University closures due to Covid-19, planned on-site lessions will be held in virtual classrooms. 


The course language is English.


Translational Medicine and Biomedical Entrepreneurship Modules

Participants should have a MSc or higher degree in life science, medicine, engineering science or equivalent.

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging Modules

Required is a completed study program in medicine, professional experience as a medical doctor and basic knowledge in the handling of medical image data sets.

Medical Device Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Modules

Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree or higher degree in engineering, medicine, law, life sciences or other relevant scientific discipline. Professional experience is not mandatory.

On-sight classes are held at sitem-insel, the Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine in Bern, Switzerland. E-learning courses may be performed at home. In case of University closures due to Covid 19, planned on-sight lessons will be held in virtual classrooms.


The fees for single modules are between

CHF 3'150.– SFr. and CHF 12'600.– SFr.

Please refer to the invidiual modules for the exact pricing.


Places are available but limited.
Registration is possible throughout the year before the start of your desired module(s). Please use our contact form.


For further questions about the study program, please contact

Christian Rosser, Interim Director of School

Dr. Rafaela da Silva, Head of Programme TMBE

Ivan Santos, Head of Programme MDRQ