The Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine hosts a vast research community under its state-of-the-art facility's roof. The path from a new idea for a health technology to its application on patients is a lengthy process and is characterised by many obstacles. To facilitate this journey, we use interdisciplinary approaches that combine technology, medicine, legal and ethical considerations as well as management and economics approaches to ensure informed decisions to streamline the process. 

Our research spans all disease and therapeutic areas. For example, as part of the Screen4Care project funded by the Innovative Health Initiative, we are contributing our expertise to develop new screening technologies for rare diseases in collaboration with more than 35 partners from 14 countries. In a joint project with the Multidiciplinary Center for Infectious Diseases (MCID), ARTORG and Inselspital, we are helping to make our society more resilient to pandemics, and in the Smart Radiology goes Digital (SmaragD) project we are using our expertise to optimise processes in radiology with artificial intelligence together with partners from Inselspital, SIPBB, BFH and various SMEs. 

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